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The First Modern-Day Eichler Home is Ready for Your Judgment

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Here it is, on a patch of Palm Springs desert, waving to fans and haters alike: the very first "Desert Eichler." Thanks to real estate agent Monique Lombardelli licensing the plans, and developer Troy Kudlac putting them into action, Palm Springs has its first Eichler home, which is also claimed to be the first new one in four decades. Update: Kudlac says it sold on Tuesday, a day before the open house, for the full ask of $1.29M.

The event was enough to give Palm Springs Modernism Week its very own Eichler Day, in a place that now counts just one very adapted, modernized Eichler home. (The iconic modernist tract homes of Palm Springs go by Alexander.)

Here it stands, with coral red accents and sparse staging. (For those who are wondering, that unfinished structure out back is an Eichler-inspired guest casita.) There are already two more on the way, and if there's enough interest, Palm Springs could one day see whole tracts of them. Update II: Kudlac has lots prepared for eight more of them in Tahquitz River, on the old Dr. Scholl estate.

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