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Enjoy Your New Home, Wondrous Unused Time Capsule Kitchen

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When he first posted a Flickr album of the light pink time capsule kitchen in his Chicago home, furniture designer Nathan Chandler had no idea he'd soon receive hundreds of inquiries from interested parties. The house had been sealed since it was built in 1956, and so this museum-quality example of a vintage kitchen had actually never been used. The response was "overwhelming," according to Chandler, but this month a lucky emailer finally got to go home with an entire mint-condition kitchen from 1956.

Chock full of antique General Electric appliances with manuals still taped to them, the kitchen with blond wood cabinets was sold with a porcelain sink, a refrigerator, an electric oven, a cooktop, and an early dishwasher, all in a shade of light pink that is pretty much synonymous with the 1950s. The new owner of this pristine time capsule also received a few courtesy packets of dishwashing powder that had been left in the kitchen 59 years ago.

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