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Dreamy Woodland Dwelling Gives the Teepee a Modern Twist

Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura once went all out on spirals with a ravishing "ribbon chapel" and now he's gone all out on triangles with a point-roofed woodsy retreat that could just be the most romantic cluster of minimalist "teepees" ever. Designed for a nature-loving couple, this 1,680-square-foot timber-clad "Nasu Tepee" intends to create the feeling of "living in the wilderness." But just because it's set amongst trees doesn't mean inhabitants are totally defenseless against nature's wrath. Indeed, this "pointy-hat" house has been cantilevered slightly above ground to "prevent insects, humidity, and fallen snow" from infiltrating the home.

The interior, which features pale timber floors and bright white walls, is essentially a series of connected pointy rooms. Main living spaces have ceilings that go up to over 26 feet, while the low and narrow triangular openings that join the spaces fall down to as low as eight-and-a-half feet in height. The triangle motif can also be seen in triangular windows of varied sizes.

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