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Step Inside Modernism Week's Bubbly 2015 Show House

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This week is Palm Springs' Modernism Week, a time devoted to cocktails, swimming pools, and design. (Often a heady combination of all three). This year, the Christopher Kennedy Compound is back, the result of over a dozen designers going to work on a 2,500-square-foot 1964 ranch house along the Indian Canyons Golf Resort fairway. Kennedy started the tradition last year, but this time around he wanted to "keep it a little more casual, have a little fun with it." That, and launch a full-on resurgence of avocado green.

Kennedy, a resident of Palm Springs for 12 years, was inspired by the blues and greens of his desert city—the golf courses, the succulents, the turquoise pool water. Using those as a palette, he asked designers to "keep it relaxed, gorgeous, and inspiring—everything that Palm Springs should be," while conveying the "easy luxury" of the city's celebrity history.

The outdoor terrace is outfitted with a large, window-like sculpture framing the view, designed by San Francisco design duo Paletteur and put together by Warner Brothers' Studios. The pool terrace was designed by Michael Berman, who used a bright green color custom made for the show house. Aside from curating the home, Kennedy designed the kitchen and master closet ("very Carrie Bradshaw!"), with plenty of green in the former: "I'm a sucker for everything green. I'm bringing back avocado green, you can spread the word!"

The space will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through February 22. Tickets are $35.