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Award-Winning Neutra Home Lists in Shreveport, of All Places

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This six-bedroom house was built by Richard Neutra in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1950, and is the only home the modernist starchitect ever designed in this part of the country. It won an award of merit for its design from the American Institute of Architects in 1952. The home's owners were originally interested in commissioning Frank Lloyd Wright to take on the project and even traveled to California to meet with him. It didn't go well: "I well remember my dad, who was always considered a quiet, very conservative gent, coming home after his interview with Frank Lloyd Wright regarding the designing of a new family home for us. Pop just did NOT mesh with him," the couple's son told the Beauty Without Within blog. On FLW's recommendation, they decided to hire Neutra instead.

It was a fantastic decision. Set in a pretty wooded area in a historic district in Shreveport, the redwood and stone house is designed so that each wing has a specific purpose, and branches out from the glass-walled living room and dining rooms. There are a number of ingenious pieces of built-in furniture, like the angular dining nook in the kitchen, and cabinets and desks made of redwood.

Two floors were added to the home a few years back, but thankfully the former owners consulted Richard Neutra's son, Dion Neutra, about all changes. The new addition includes two bedrooms, a family room, a balcony with an infinity pool, and a secret room behind some shelving units. Dion's number one piece of advice? "Don't let them put granite in the kitchen!" This updated Neutra home, now with 5,137 square feet, is asking $597,238.

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