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James Turrell's Crater Observatory is Opening to 'Serious Patrons' with $6.5K to Burn

One of artist James Turrell's most legendary and exclusive works is Roden Crater, an unfinished piece of land art near Arizona's Painted Desert. Turrell purchased the land in 1977 and has since been working to transform the interior of the 400,000-year-old extinct volcanic crater into a naked-eye telescope. The New York Times once called an invitation to the crater "one of the most coveted tickets in American art." Turrell has never opened the crater to the public, but for three days in May, Turrell will allow a limited number of visitors entry to Roden Crater for $6,500 a pop.

Turrell will open the piece to a select group of people, exclusively "serious patrons of the arts," according to ARTnews. That $6,500 breaks down to a $5,000 donation to the Skystone Foundation, Turrell's nonprofit organization responsible for realizing the project, and $1,500 for hotel accommodations, a tour, and meals. So, definitely not cheap, but probably more affordable than completing an 82-stop Tour de Turrell.

Turrell plans on letting in 20 people per day over the 4-day period, meaning he will raise approximately half a million dollars. According to the project website, "The Roden Crater project will bring the light of the heavens down to earth, linking visitors with the celestial movements of planets, stars and distant galaxies." Worth it? Watch the video below of Turrell in his space to find out.

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