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Inside the Tiniest Listings For Sale in Provincetown

While West Yarmouth is home to the tiniest cottage for sale on Cape Cod, a 162-sq.-ft. abode with an $69,900 price tag, Provincetown's smallest offering is just one-square-foot larger and asking almost three times as much, of course. In our completely unscientific study, PTown offers more micro-living options under 300-square-feet than any other town on Cape Cod. Naturally, our first-ever Micro Week is the perfect time to roundup the edge of the continent's wicked wee offerings along Commercial and Bradford Streets. With asking prices from $199,000 to $299,000 and a total of 1,943-sq.-ft., here are the eight tiniest listings for sale in Provincetown.

Address: 104 Bradford Street, #8
Size: 163

Address: 357 Commercial Street, #2
Size: 186

Address: 353 Commercial Street, #18
Size: 208

Address: 953 Commercial Street, #15
Size: 255

Address: 3 Bradford Street, #1

Size: 278

Address: 54 Bradford Street, #2-5
Size: 280

Address: 355 Commercial Street, #7
Size: 282

Address: 353 Commercial Street, #21
Size: 291
The Skinny: Back to the seasonal Angel's Landing Association yet again. This waterfront unit features direct views of Cape Cod Bay and exclusive use that looks to pretty much double the living space. Yours for $299,000.