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4 Luxury Adventure Vans Perfect for Adrenaline Addicts

Micro Week doesn't discriminate between stationary and free range tiny environments. It's in that spirit that we bring you the Coolest Luxury Conversion Vans that money can buy. With enough ingenuity, just about anything with wheels can be transformed into a mobile sanctuary/gear closest, so we're going to focus on the coolest luxury off-the-shelf solutions to your wanderlust. These drool worthy vans from Sportsmobile, Outside Van, and more will have you sleeping in parking lots and racking up the powder days in no time.

Photos courtesy of Sportsmobile

↑ Since 1961, Sportsmobile has customized a number of different van types, but our favorite is their iconic Sportsmobile 4x4. This burly, completely-outfitted, expedition-ready machine is a world away from the Ford E350 van it started out as in life. The drivetrain is upgraded and bomb-proof (Atlas II transfer case, upgraded axles, your choice of differentials and front sway bar quick disconnect system for the nerds out there). Everything on this van has been "beefed-up," to use Sportsmobile's lingo. Nitpicking the gas mileage that comes with a 6.8-liter V-10 engine seems silly when a custom order can run upwards of $100,000. Is your wandering heart not ready for the commitment of your own Sportsmobile? Rent one. Tagline: "Engineered for planet Earth's free spirits."

Photos courtesy of Outside Van

Outside Van is a Sprinter-focused operation that creates camper vans just as luxurious as the Mercedes insignia on the grille. These vans will hold your SUP, Yeti (mountain bike and cooler), a full quiver of skis as well as a mini-kitchen with bamboo cabinets, custom upholstery, Goldilocks' personal memory foam mattress and whatever else you could ask for. This steeze on wheels obviously won't come cheap (think $250,000 plus for some models), but there are so many models that you're bound to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Tagline: "Welcome to our dream."

Photos courtesy of ADAK Adventure Trailers

↑ Buying an RV (no matter how plush) means another motor, transmission, and other stuff that can break down. If you already have something with a tow hitch in your driveway, why not opt for a trailer? Better yet, why not a trailer that doesn't feel like a trailer at all? ADAK Adventure Trailers come from some folks who were tired of being uncomfortable when pursuing their hobbies off the beaten path and decided to bring something comfortable when breaking trail. Their 17-foot Outpost trailer has a polished feel but with a simple, military-esque look, like how the leader of a junta would travel given the appropriate level of mineral resources (fully optioned, it tops $70,000). Tagline: "The ultimate camper for the ultimate outdoorsmen."

Photos courtesy of Unicat

↑ The mother of all vehicles that stray from the road is the Unimog, so the ultimate luxury mobile home would be the Unicat. Unicat's TerraCross line of campers has six different options for couples, groups or families all built on the burliest of frames and to the highest of technical standards. These vehicles are built for trips that span continents and years. If the only thing stopping you from circumnavigating the globe was your crippling seasickness, here's your solution. Just come up with half a million dollars, on the conservative side. Tagline: "Going there is half the fun."

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