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Will Bud Light's 'Whatever' Town Head to Ski Country Again?

A USA Today article just revealed that Bud Light will be taking their "Whatever, USA" stunt to a new, unsuspecting town in May, 2015. Last September, Bud Light paid Crested Butte, Colorado $500,000 to paint the entire town blue and fly 1,000 "up-for-anything" beer partiers to ski country for a weekend of revelry. The all-blue fantasy world included a ferris wheel, beach, hot tubs on the street, and plenty of alcohol-infused concerts. Although there was some controversy about whether Crested Butte should have allowed Bud Light to throw the event, the town saw $1 million worth of economic impact from the 3-day party. Apparently, the event was Bud Light's "most successful campaign" of the year, so a new town will soon become Whatever Town, USA. The big question for skiers: will Bud Light once again choose a ski town? Or will they opt for a different destination, like maybe a beach?
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