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CB2 Debuts an Efficient Furniture Line Created by Students

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This month, home decor retailer CB2 launched its first-ever collaboration, a 16-piece collection of space-saving furniture and accessories designed by a dozen students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Many items in this "Design Collab No.1" make use of straightforward small-space tactics—e.g. a table that can tuck in chairs or a triangular bar cart designed to utilize room corners. But there are also a few subtler strokes of genius, such as gridded rugs that can help with arranging furniture or a spare pendant lamp that cuts down on "visual noise."

According to a CB2 blog post, which goes over the full backstory to the collaboration, the students built a true-to-scale 250-square-foot apartment out of foam and cardboard to help inform their designs. Plenty of concepts were floated around during the entire process, but the 16 products below made the final cut for production:

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