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The Eiffel Tower Goes Green with Spiffy New Wind Turbines

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The most iconic landmark in Paris just got a 21st-century upgrade. Today, the 125-year-old Eiffel Tower unveiled a pair of wind turbines specially designed to match the building's distinctive iron latticework. The new, nearly silent wind turbines are located 400 feet above the ground, and will produce enough power to offset the energy consumption of the tower's first floor. "Mounting the turbines at this location was in itself a technical challenge," says the renewable energy company UGE International, "requiring each component to be hoisted individually and suspended with rope above the tower's second level."

Wind energy will allow the 1,063-foot tower to significantly reduce its ecological footprint, in line with the City of Paris' Climate Plan. The renovation also includes solar panels mounted on the roof of the visitor's pavilion that will help the tourist attraction meet its water heating needs, a rainwater recovery system for use in the restrooms, and LED lighting. The wind turbines are part of a larger $38.4M upgrade of the Eiffel Tower, which also saw new (and terrifying) see-through glass viewing platforms unveiled in October.

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