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Take a Frozen River, Add Some High-Design 'Warming Huts'

Every winter, the Red River in Winnipeg, Canada turns into an icy, frozen mass. In recent years, the city has taken to building temporary structures atop the ice. Last year saw the debut of the world's "first outdoor dining restaurant on a frozen body of water," while this year brings a collection of pop-up "warming huts" designed by architects. The city invited the firms to submit designs for either shelters or installations to be built alongside the frozen river's skating trail.

The results range from a mirror-clad hut that blends into the snowy landscape, to a narrow art gallery on stilts. The Mexican firm of Rojkind Arquitectos created an innovative wooden "hybrid hut" that can only be entered by crawling on all fours, while the Canadian practice of Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited placed a timber bench inside a yellow tunnel ensconced in a snow drift.

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