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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are Back at Their Old Holmby Hills Rental

Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy have said "bye" to New York City and are living in Los Angeles, because LA is cool. But they still haven't found a place to settle—Minecraft creator Markus Persson outbid them on a flashy megamansion in Beverly Hills (he paid $70 million), so they've been living in a hotel in BH since they got to town (The Beverly Wilshire, where Beyoncé shot her 7/11 video? Maybe!). But they're one of the most famous families in the world; they need their own space. So now, TMZ reports, they've gone back and re-rented one of LA's most expensive houses, a glassy Holmby Hills mansion built on spec that they reportedly first rented last summer. Back then, they were said to have paid about $200k a month; now they've haggled it down to just $150k a month with a year's lease.

Curbed LA has the details. >>