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Provocative Billboards Voice London's Housing Struggles

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London—a city of wild "iceberg homes," starchitecture-infused luxury developments, and one super controversial "Garden Bridge"—is, without a doubt, transforming rapidly. And now, a provocative new project from Central Saint Martins communication design lecturer Rebecca Ross, aims to unearth some honest reactions to the fast-changing city. In "London is Changing," Ross invites people who are planning to move (or have recently moved) into or away from London to give a little insight into why they're migrating via an anonymous web form. Then, a selection of responses are continuously displayed on two billboards in the heart of London, left for the public to contemplate.

As stated on the project site, Ross' effort is "intended to facilitate discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture and diversity of London." Quite a few of the responses received call specific attention to rising housing costs. A PR consultant, quoted in the photo above, relocated to Wales because he or she couldn't climb the property ladder in London. One masters student, in an example below, has had to move farther and farther away from the city center due to escalating rental prices.

Most of the responses gathered so far seem to focus on those leaving rather than entering London, but as Ross tells CityLab, she hopes that the longer the project runs (it'll be up for the rest of the year), the more diverse the answers will be.

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