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TMZ's Founder Puts His 'Paparazzi-Proofed' Home Up for Rent

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TMZ's managing editor Harvey Levin has made a career out of chronicling the break-ups, arrests, and tacky real estate purchases of A, B, and C-list celebrities. So it only makes sense that Levin's own home in the Hollywood Hills is reportedly "paparazzi-proofed," with tall hedges, a gated driveway, and "no one looking in from above," according to the listing. The three-bedroom Spanish-style house, which failed to sell for $5.3M two years ago, is now on the rental market for $20K a month.

The 1937 house has a pool and spa, and comes fully furnished. The step-down living room with vaulted ceilings features an eggplant sofa, lots of tacky poster art, and olive green-painted walls. The bedrooms and the dining room stick to a similar decorating scheme, with ample built-in cabinetry. Oddly, the custom-designed office comes with what looks like a kitchen counter and cabinets, while the real kitchen has granite countertops and a red-tiled floor. The current rental price is a $2,500 discount from what the house was offered for last year, but $20K still seems awfully steep for a three-bedroom.

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