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Sublime London Apartment Masters the 'Oceanic Gaudí' Look

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Combining two separate flats in an 1870s Victorian-style building in London, interior designer Danielle Moudaber has crafted herself a fantastical "under the sea" paradise—one that made Apartment Therapy think: "Antoni Gaudí meets Alice in Wonderland." The place is infused with anomalously wavy furnishings of Moudaber's own design and washed over in a sweeping blue-and-white palette that's supposed to remind Moudaber of the Mediterranean Sea and "soothe her soul."

The interior, full of ornate wall moldings, features a sculptural white staircase designed by Moudaber herself. It connects the lower level living and kitchen areas to the sleeping quarters on the second floor. Moudaber also designed the shiny amorphous sofas seen in the living room, plus the chandeliers in the bedroom. Yatzer has the full tour.

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