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Mirrored Home in Poland Looks Like It's Floating in a Forest

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The world is currently awash in mirrored buildings that claim to "disappear." There are "vanishing" childcare centers, roadside cafes, universities, and even a skyscraper. But frankly, most of them are still 95% visible, despite the mirrors and glass they have deployed (often ingeniously). This country house set in a forest outside of Warsaw, Poland is different. Anyone strolling through the woods could be forgiven for thinking there was a windowed white box floating above the grassy, gnarled earth. Designed by the young Polish architect Marcin Tomaszewski, 'Izabelin House' has a reflective ground-floor and an opaque upper level.

The home "disappears" more effectively when approached from the side, as its large front window is not visible then. The bottom level includes a sheltered terrace in a shade of dark brown wood that matches the surrounding earth. It's all pretty neat.

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