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A 55-Ton Rock Fell on This House So Now It's a Tourist Spot

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Fountain City, Wisconsin is home to a quirky roadside attraction called "Rock in the House." Not to be mistaken with "House on the Rock," another Wisconsin treasure, "Rock in the House" is essentially a small home with a giant boulder stuck right in the center of its rear side. According to Atlas Obscura, in 1995, the owners were in the middle of renovations when all of a sudden, a 55-ton boulder slid down a steep hill and struck their lakeside abode.

The owners, who luckily survived the calamity without injury, quickly fled their disaster-prone house. The next owner, however, decided to bank on the boulder, leaving the house as is, rock and all, and opening the home to visitors. Now, for $2, anyone can tour the little house with an enormous surprise in the back. One review on TripAdvisor calls it "Roadside Americana at its best!"

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