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From UFOs to Tree Houses, 6 Petite Rentals Perfect for Skiers

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Looking to experience micro living, but aren't quite sure you want to make the leap into tiny home-ownership? Check out Curbed Ski's roundup of ski country's craziest, most gorgeous, and coolest tiny rentals. From a UFO shaped rental at the foot of the East Tyrol Mountains to a tree house in Park City, we've got the perfect micro rental for your needs. Now folks, small square footage doesn't always mean a small price tag. But never fear, our list of rentals is friendly to wallets of every size.

↑ Perched on a mountain in the Swiss Alps, the 420-square-foot Whitepod allows guests to experience luxury micro living. The geodesic shaped tent is made from a network of triangles and offers lots of natural light, a wood burning stove, a full bathroom and accommodation for up to 4 people. Rates start at $425/night. More info, here.

↑ Located near the East Tyrol Mountains in Austria, the Ufogel seems to float above the ground. Built entirely of wood and named after a prehistoric bird, the Ufogel offers guests 484 square feet to call their own. Panoramic views, a full kitchen and bath, and a wood burning stove make the Ufogel a steal starting at $192/night for 2 guests. More info, here.

↑ The Earthship in Taos, NM offers guests a chance at off-grid living with all the perks. A fully stocked chef's kitchen, brand-spanking new appliances, and all the entertainment you could want are just part of what Earthship has to offer. It's completely self-sustaining, catches its own water, and creates its own electricity. All this for $125/night. More info, here.

↑ This cozy cottage located in Carnelian Bay offers all the modern amenities but with an old world feel. Tons of books line the all-wood interior and the balcony offers the perfect place for après after a day on one of Tahoe's nearby mountains. Rates are $125/night. More info, this way.

↑ For those of us who have fantasized about revisiting our childhood tree houses, this Park City property lets us live our childhood memories with a few grown up updates. Instead of sitting cross-legged on hard floors, leather couches and a queen size bed welcome weary adventurers. Rates are $175/night. More info, over here.

↑ Inspired by Nordic design, the Hyggelig Hytte is located deep in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. At just 144 sq. ft., this rustic cabin offers a taste of Viking heritage on the small scale. Rates are just $82/night! Get all the details here.

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- By Tara Tubb