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Major Snowstorm Will Bring 3-4 Feet to Colorado This Weekend

Calling all skiers and snowboarders: If you love snow, you need to wax your gear now. The Beast in the East will finally stop hogging all the snow and most of the west should see snow this weekend. The best story? Northern Arizona and New Mexico will see at least a few feet and parts of southern Colorado could potentially see 40-50 inches of snow in the next five days (and that's after multiple feet last weekend!). Even Tahoe needs to put away the mountain bikes and bust out the snow gear, because winter is back. Most of the region will get in on the action with 3-6 inches around the lake and 6-12 inches on the mountains by Saturday night. Our friends at Open Snow have all the details on timing and which mountains will be favored, so head over here for the Colorado, Tahoe, or Utah forecasts. It's also a great time to review our epic Southern Colorado powder road trip.
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