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An Exceedingly Small Sag Harbor Cottage Asks $1.1M

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Curbed's Micro Week 2015 House of the Day run is dropping in square footage each day, until we've reached a truly tiny home that still embodies everything that makes a dwelling HOD-worthy. (Sorry, but tiny houses on flatbed trailers need not apply.) As always, we love tips.

Location: Sag Harbor, N.Y.
Price: $1,100,000
On this, the second-to-last day of Curbed's first ever Micro Week, the unbelievable shrinking House of the Day run has gotten down to 694 square feet. What will tomorrow hold? Honestly, this writer can't yet say. Today, it holds a renovated Sag Harbor cottage dating back to 1905, where "Soho chic meets Sag Harbor hip."

Curbed Hamptons appreciates the original wooden floors, "stylish kitchen, cozy bedrooms, and sweet stone patio," and finds the asking price of $1,100,000 to be quite reasonable given its close proximity to shops in town. Adorably enough, one bedroom even comes with a "book-lover's 'micro-library.'"

[Douglas Elliman]