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Artist Packs His 275-Square-Foot Studio with Bright Patterns

Small apartments come in all stripes—from pared-down to positively barren to downright whimsical)—but few are as wildly decorated as this one is. New York magazine's Wendy Goodman toured artist George Venson's Chinatown studio, which clocks in at 275 square feet. It's entirely layered with piercing colors and busy patterns. Bright, busy wallpaper covers every surface, which makes sense, given that Venson runs Voutsa, a similarly boisterous line of wallpaper and fabric. A Murphy bed and a dining table with its leaves folded down "that acts like a console most of the time" have helped conserve precious space. All the better to feel like you're in the tropics in February.

Take a look on Curbed NY. >>