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A Trip to the Hardware Store and Five Minutes is All It Takes to Build This Designer's New Furniture

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Industrial designer Jenny Nordberg hails from Sweden, home of Ikea. Of course, most of that fast, flat-pack furniture is manufactured by machines in giant production plants. Nordberg wanted to know whether it was possible to make unique and creative furniture by hand in less than five minutes, and so she turned herself into an "artisanal assembly line."

Working at a breakneck pace with pre-cut wood, assembly screws, and clay, the designer created an entire furniture collection with two armchairs with cushions, a small trolley, and a dining table with four chairs in under an hour. "The design, materials and details are all the result of the lack of time,"writes Nordberg. The resulting minimalist furniture line is basic and imperfect, and a good deal stranger than the goods found at Ikea. With each item taking between three and five minutes, the designer clearly succeeded in her aim to use "speed as a method to achieve new expressions and procedures."

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