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Tour the Wackadoo Workspace Where Candy Crush is Made

Game developer King, the creator of Candy Crush—that hyper-addictive mobile and Facebook game designed to make you pay for your next fix—has a brand new Stockholm headquarters and it's just, so, Candy Crush. Swedish firms Anki Gneib and Adolfsson & Partners worked together to create a "experience-based" brand extravaganza with 430 workstations, 42 meeting rooms, and a Google-esque, cartoon-outdoors-y feel. Why yes, there is an astro-turfed meeting room, but by this point, you didn't really have to ask.

Adolfsson & Partners, who took charge on the interior design concept, used King's 200 games for inspiration (clearly), covering the office in depictions of vibrant monsters and placing indoor plants, well, everywhere. "We didn't build an office—we created a kingdom," writes the firm in a project statement.

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