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A First Look at the Massive Modular Greenhouse BIG and Heatherwick Dreamed Up for Google

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Earlier this week, news broke that Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick are collaborating on a massive new headquarters for Google—and now there's visual proof. Today, the tech titan introduced the redevelopment plan that they've just submitted to the Mountain View City Council and along with it, a batch of renderings. For the new Googleplex, Ingels and Heatherwick have envisioned a series of translucent canopy buildings that rises at various points to accommodate public spaces like pedestrian and bike circuits, cafes, and shops.

This complex, which will be Google's first ever office built from scratch, will try to move away from what the company calls "immoveable concrete buildings." Instead of traditional windows, walls, and roofs, the canopies will regulate climate, pollution, and sound, shielding a network of light-weight, reconfigurable interior spaces. The proposal also calls for a consolidated parking structure underneath the complex, eliminating the need for sprawling parking lots. Below, more renderings and a video walk-through of the plan:

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