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Witness the Transforming Feats of 15 Small, Adjustable Homes

These transforming apartments alter their layouts before our very eyes, making them appear much roomier than their diminutive square footage would suggest. From Berlin to Hong Kong, these creative spaces come with mobile library stacks, retractable plywood furniture, and in one instance, an interior cube that encloses all essential apartment functions. Below, get acquainted with 15 ingeniously engineered small spaces.

↑ This 400-square-foot Manhattan apartment is fitted with one multipurpose cabinet in lieu of the traditional zone-establishing tactics employed in planning many studios.

↑ The LifeEdited apartment in SoHo occupies a 420-square-foot space, but with its various configurations it matches the utility of a six-room apartment, replete with dinner party hosting capabilities.

↑ Mad Men performer Vincent Kartheiser hired Los Angeles-based architectural designer Funn Roberts to make the best use of this 580-square-foot cabin, which stars a brilliant bed-on-pulley system.

↑ Studio Garneau sectioned off the overtly-named Transformer loft in New York's Chelsea neighborhood with sleek mobile partitions, thereby allowing two residents to run a business and live within the 650-square-foot space.

The All I Own House by Madrid's PKMN Architectures features gliding stacks with protruding elements to accommodate a huge range of work/life functions in a 477-square-foot home.

↑ Taking inspiration for this 290-square-foot London
studio from le notion of a jewelry box, Openstudio Architects equipped Le Cabinet Apartment with hidden service areas like a galley kitchen that can be pushed and pulled into submission.

↑ In order to differentiate classroom area from personal living space in Oakland feng shui practitioner Liu Ming's 1,100 square-foot studio, he invoked the simple geometry of a Cube to enclose all programming of an intimate nature.

↑ Local designer Harry Thaler was commissioned by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, a.k.a. Museion, in Bolzano, Italy to execute Aterlierhouse, which is an exploration into furniture modules for a hypothetical artist who lives and shows in the same studio loft.

↑ Architect Silvana Citterio challenged herself to devise a scheme by which a minuscule 165-square-foot den in the northern Italian town of Canneto Pavese would not just be livable, but comfortable, too. There's a hidden kitchen set-up under the countertops.

↑ TallerDE2 Arquitectos of Madrid conceived of the POP-UP House, which
inserts a particleboard maze of ceiling-high freestanding cabinets into a 730-square-foot apartment that has been specially designed for solo home dwellers.

↑ Tokyo architect Yuko Shibata's 940-square-foot Switch apartment has a pivoting wall that straddles an all-purpose table, which accommodates her work life during the day, and her family's needs in the evening.

↑ In Madrid, a project called Didomestic by elii utilizes every last drop of its 620-square-foot area by removing as many obstacles on the floor as possible, which creates a flexible home that still has defined capabilities.

↑ Author and architect Gary Chang's legendary Hong Kong studio apartment can transform its meager 345-square-foot allotment into 24 extremely practical variations.

↑ When receiving customers in her Berlin studio, which does double duty as a residence and apparel showroom, Mira Schröder flips her Workbed from pillow top to tabletop.

↑ Kitoko Studio repurposed the unused space of an 86-square-foot Parisian maid's room by placing custom cabinetry with a multitude of functions against one wall to open up the central space. · All Micro Week 2015 posts [Curbed National]
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