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The Ultimate Guide to Styling a Hip Rustic Tiny Home

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Hip rustic tiny homes—every day, another couple quits their jobs, starts off on a trek across the U.S. in one, and keeps a blog about it. Think this could be you? Well, here's a style guide of sorts to achieving that elegantly curated hipster-pastoral look, whether it's in a micro cabin, house on wheels, vintage camper, or rusty van.

1. We mean it about the reclaimed wood paneling: start with the floors and walls. Redwood, plywood, beetle pine, whatever you can get your hands on.

2. It doesn't stop there. Use reclaimed wood for everything else, too. Cabinets! Side table! Room divider! Kitchen counter!

3. A cute ladder, because a lofted bed is a given.

4. A ceiling rack for accommodating outdoorsy tendencies. Maybe for fly-fishing rods, or snowboards (↓).

5. Ukuleles (↑ )! It's the only kind of merrymaking that fits.

6. A "twisted branch lighting fixture." Woodsy things you can use? Excellent.

7. Taxidermy. A bison skull (↓) does the trick!

8. Blankets, pillows, rugs with Native-American patterns (↑).

9. Just one or two potted plants, ideally hanging (counter space is prime real estate!)

10. Scrap-wood-turned-pot-rack.

11. A fold-down table, for practical reasons. Bonus points if it's hand-crafted with reclaimed wood.

12. Tiny wood stove.

13. "Vintage props"—say, five books and an ancient radio.

14. Animal tapestry.

15. Burlap, preferably coffee sacks donated from your favorite artisanal coffee shop. Hang it up, use it as a mat, flaunt it on your "couch."

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