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Robert Moses' Complicated Legacy in Graphic Novel Form

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Over three, tumultuous decades Robert Moses shaped New York City into something approaching the metropolis it is today, building vast swathes of expressways and tunnels, enormous landscaped parks, tremendous bridges, and future landmarks. He was an effective 'master builder,' to be sure, but often at the expense of whole city neighborhoods; many New Yorkers turned against him after he encouraged the demolition of their beloved train station, Pennsylvania Station. Now the complicated life and legacy of the chief urban planner of New York City has been turned into a graphic biography by the French comic book writer Pierre Christin, and the Chilean illustrator Olivier Balez, who became inspired after reading Robert Caro's award-winning 1,200-page study of Moses, The Power Broker.

According to Co.Design, "Christin decided that a graphic treatment would allow him to dig into the numerous contradictions presented by the study of Moses's career" while Balez, the illustrator, was more interested in aspects of the city's urban planning that are rarely celebrated, like toll booths, construction sites, and swamps. Check out more shots of the graphic biography over at Co.Design.

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