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Dubai Tower Officially Crowned World's 'Largest Vertical Maze'

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Proving that boxy skyscrapers can also have a fun side (or two), this 55-story tower in Dubai features massive mazes on its front and rear façades. Recently declared the "largest vertical maze" by Guinness World Records, the tower uses the intricate lines from its many balconies to form two real puzzles created by maze designer Adrian Fisher.

At night, LED lights built into the façades can light up the puzzles in various colors and patterns. And perhaps by taking a note from the world's "largest architectural video game display," in which a giant game of Tetris was projected onto a building in Philadelphia, somebody can make these mazes playable, too. Anyway, the mixed-use tower also comes with a large "Maze Eye circular video wall" near the top of the building and (of course), a rooftop maze-patterned garden.

Some promo images of the interior:

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