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Karim Rashid Presents Munich with the 'Gucci of Sex Shops'

Cairo-born designer Karim Rashid, whose recent exploits include a hot pink "Sparkle Krib" in Milan, a swirly, psychedelic condo tower in Miami, and a controversial design for one in New York City, has now spread his signature colorful and curvy aesthetic to a sex shop in Munich. In his overhaul of a two-story space for adult store Fun Factory, all the gold blobs on the wall and sinuous display counters are supposed to create "desire, emotion, and passion" and reference "secondary erogenous zones" like curves of the neck, hips, lips, and the collarbone.

According to Co.Design, Rashid wanted to design a space that's "more sophisticated, more mature, and almost less fun" than typical sex shops, "almost like a Gucci or Prada store." Maybe that's why he chose a palette of black, gold, and white instead of dousing the whole place in pink and purple, which is arguably Rashid's favorite color scheme, prominently displayed in his own apartment. Another thing competitors don't have: Mr.Pink, a wavy "designer dildo" Rashid created for Fun Factory, presented on similarly wavy gold countertops.

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