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This Hive-Like Brick House was Inspired by Termite Nests

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Tasked with remodeling a two-story house in Da Nang, Vietnam, local firm Tropical Space found design inspiration in the architecture of termite nests. Just like those mounds of cemented earth, which tend to have a large central chamber surrounded by smaller alcoves, the brick-clad "Termitary House" places a spacious "lobby" with the living and dining areas in the center of more enclosed quarters like the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Retaining only the original concrete slabs, the 860-square-foot home was newly outfitted with a "double skin" exterior. One layer of baked-brick that's perforated in some places but sealed tight in others brings light, ventilation, and some privacy. A second layer of glazing shields the interior from the tropical storms common to the area.

With so many openings channeling sunlight into house, the home can look pretty different throughout the day. In a project statement, the designers write that walls will look "light red" in the morning, "dark red" in the afternoon, and "purple" heading into the evening.

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