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Modern Montana Mansion Offers Wild Nature Within City Limits

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Location: Missoula, Montana
Price: $6,500,000
A 6,800-square-foot home built in 2011, with "glass walls, tapered columns and a floor plan that flows as gracefully" as the nearby Bitterroot River, according to the Hall and Hall listing, was put on the market by the people who built it early last month. On a 71-acre lot still within the bounds of Missoula, Montana, that home is listed for $6.5M, which also includes 50-percent interest in 78 adjoining acres.

Speaking to Zillow Blog, Stuart Goldberg described it as a "house that wants you to look outside. It makes me pause when I walk down the hallway and get a glimpse of sunlight off the river or see red-tailed hawks or catch sight of resident blue herons feeding down on the river bottom." He and his wife Mindy commissioned the home where a dairy once stood, which was built by Michael McCauley, a settler who had a hand in the founding of nearby Fort Missoula.

With a large rock outcropping known as the McCauley Butte to the rear of the home, some may find it "beggars the imagination to duplicate this package of amenities within delivery radius of Missoula's urban core." Also, the fishing is supposed to be top-notch.

· The Farm at McCauley Butte [Hall & Hall]