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Ikea's New 'Low Key' Collection is All About That Cork

Ikea rolled out a few new collections this month, but the fast-moving furniture giant is already on to the next thing, which is cork, apparently. Collaborating with London-based designer Ilse Crawford, whose previous works include an installation for AirBnb and an artsy showhouse for an imaginary couple, Ikea is launching a line of "deliberately low key" homeware products that are meant to "fit into any home." This mission translates into some 30 neutral-hued products made of natural materials like cork, bamboo, and cotton.

Unveiled at a Stockholm Design Week event yesterday, the collection includes pieces in all sizes, such as cork-covered tables and stools, bamboo-lattice pendant lamps, very greige cotton cushions, and baskets woven from dried seagrass. As Crawford tells Dezeen, these are all "background" designs, pieces that "aren't supposed to be waving at you."

SINNERLIG will hit Swedish Ikea stores in August, but since the company is trying to amp up its e-commerce game, one can hope the collection will be available on the World Wide Web, too.

A few more product shots are over on Dezeen.

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