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Downton-Loving Congressman Says 'Haters Gonna Hate,' but Taxpayers Won't Be Burdened

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After word got out about his Downton Abbey-inspired office, congressman Aaron Schock initially held his silence at the whirling center of an increasingly hilarious faux scandal. Yesterday, the eminently well-groomed representative of Illinois' 18th district broke that silence in a video segment with ABC News, not only leading producers on a tour of his fierce red sanctuary, but invoking his muse to defend it: "as Taylor Swift said, haters gonna hate."

Schock also told ABC that he planned to pay decorator Annie Brahler (of the Jacksonville-based Euro Trash decorating) for her work himself when she sends an invoice.

World News Videos | ABC World News

Never change, Aaron, you sweet adorable Downton-loving fool.

Except for that wall of post-functional picture frames, maybe change that.

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