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Buy a 1448 Castle Where a Baroness Gave Etiquette Lessons

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This 15th-century castle in the English countryside is known in certain circles throughout China and Japan as the place to go for Western etiquette lessons with a royal tinge. Baroness Anette Josephine von Kohorn zu Kornegg has been teaching foreigners how to "entertain important guests with poise and dignity" and "host a dinner party in a manner that is cultured, elegant and refined" for over two decades in Wiverton Hall's four ornate reception rooms. The updated 10,000-square-foot castle on three acres near Nottingham just hit the market for £1.5M ($2.285).

According to her website, von Kohorn zu Kornegg believes "good manners are a sign of good breeding, status and power," but it probably doesn't hurt that her elegant six-bedroom castle has a 567-year history, once serving as a stronghold for the King of England during the civil war in the mid-17th century (parts of it were later destroyed by Oliver Cromwell's forces). Several Princes and Queens have stayed the night, or feasted in the great dining room with stone arches. As the Baroness puts it, the castle has a "grand history of chivalry, romance and intrigue."

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