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Fairy Tale Forest for Sale, Mushroom Houses Included

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From 1950 to 1971, Doris and Ernest Needham built a fairy tale attraction in one in one of British Columbia's old growth forests, with 38 acres of trails, four tree houses, and 350 cement fairy sculptures. Christened The Enchanted Forest, this kind of staggering retirement project was recently put on the market for $2.7M. Located either by runes or GPS, this place is really perfect for the I'm-a-millionaire-who-throws-wild-cosplay-parties crowd.

Don't be fooled by The Enchanted Forest's designation as a commercial property, since the two-story candy cane (i.e. th Hansel & Gretel witch's dream house) on the outskirts of the property is actually a fully functional home. Purchase of this magical kingdom will also entitle you to a mushroom house, a castle, a life-size recreation of Winnie the Pooh's forest penthouse, a 50-foot-tall treehouse, and enough mystical structures that the term "generic treehouse" actually becomes applicable.

· Enchanted Forest Listing [Sutton Lakefront Realty]