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Box Up this Tudor Mansion and Haul It Away for $125K

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This ancient Tudor manor was brought over from England in parts just over a century ago at great expense, and reassembled in a beautiful, leafy setting in Ossining, New York. It has a pair of 14th-century fireplaces, intricately timbered ceilings, and a magnificent wrought-iron door. However, the nature preserve that owns Croft Manor recently decided that the historic house was too much of a hassle to maintain, and put it up for sale. This 8,000-square-foot mansion in one of the most expensive counties in America is currently going for the bargain basement price of $125K.
But the sale comes with an intimidating proviso: the next lord or lady of the manor will have to remove it entirely from the grounds of the nature preserve. It came over in crates, and so it will leave (if anyone agrees to the stipulation). Local preservationists are aghast at the idea, but the nature preserve claims it had no other choice. Bringing the Tudor mansion up to code will cost several million dollars, which is more than the Teatown Lake Reservation's annual operating budget. "In a perfect world, we could afford to fix the house and find a use for it, but our responsibility is to a thousand acres of woodlands, not a single house," the director of the preserve told the New York Times. Below, photos of the "cheapest" mansion in Westchester county:

The Croft from Jon Appel on Vimeo.

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