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Former Board-Game Factory Makes for Zig-Zaggy Apartments

For over 70 years, Waddingtons was the premier card and board-game company in Britain. The company published Cluedo, distributed Monopoly in the UK, and during World War II, famously worked with the British Secret Intelligence Service to create a special edition of Monopoly for prisoners of war held by the Germans, with maps, compasses, and money hidden inside. In 1994, the storied company was bought by U.S. game giant Hasbro, and its factory in on a narrow mews in London became redundant. This year, the architecture firm of Featherstone Young turned the 4,850-square-foot space into a mixed-use building with apartments, galleries, and photography studios.
The most noticeable aspect of the new building is a black box perched atop the main volume, as if a child had precariously placed a toy block on the side of a table. The box is connected to a pulley system that allows artists to transport large items from the street up to their studios. The roof of the residential section has a zig-zagging saw-tooth design, and all of the windows below it are irregularly shaped. There are also several clever nods to the building's history. The hole-punched façade has a delicate swirling pattern, meant to evoke the back of Waddington brand playing cards.

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