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Taylor Swift Saw it Coming: The Mansion from the 'Blank Space' Video Actually Went 'Down in Flames'

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You thought Taylor Swift was talking about boyfriends when she sang "So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames" in her hit single "Blank Space." But as recent events suggest, those lyrics could be a very clairvoyant Swift warning us about the fate of Long Island's historic Woolworth Mansion, where she filmed the interior shots seen in the "Blank Space" music video. Indeed, the Italian Renaissance-style structure broke out in fire on January 28 and now big portions of it are damaged.

Though it's still unclear what started the fire, which took over 100 firefighters to put out, the lavish home is no stranger to mysteries. The mansion comes with a history of paranormal activities, including various reports of ghosts wandering its halls and gardens. Anyway, a local historian tells CBS New York that a total restoration would cost tens of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Oheka Castle, where Swift filmed all the exterior shots in the music video, stands safe for now. Below, a quick look at the damage from the fire and a few screenshots of Woolworth Mansion as seen in "Blank Space."

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