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Call for Submissions: Show Curbed Ski Your Tiny Homes!

If we've learned anything here at Curbed Ski, it's that the tiny home movement is here to stay in ski country. From badass RVs to wacky rentals, small spaces are some of the most unique places to live, work, or play in the mountains. So we're pumped that Curbed's first-ever Micro Week is fast approaching. We'll spend a whole week dedicated to the tiny movement trend, from parking lots to camouflaged boulders to backcountry yurt nirvanas, but we need your help. Do you live in a cool or unique tiny house? Travel the ski world in your converted (but tiny) truck? Sell the hottest new yurt to hit the market? We want to know about it. Heck, if we can fit inside, we might even take pictures of it. Have a few microhousing horror stories? Or maybe they are tales of success? We're listening. Microweek kicks off February 23, so send us your tiny tips, photos, and stories, pronto.