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Famous House-Hunters Get Aerial Tours and Catered Showings

Turns out, it's a lot more fun to be a celebrity looking for a new house than it is to be a mere mortal lining up in the hallway outside a tiny studio. In addition to elaborate dressing room smoothies, mountains of free designer garb, and assistants-with-assistants, celebrities also obtain a number of perks when it comes to real estate showings. According to Variety, the rich and Botoxed have been known to receive "aerial tours" in helicopters, "a fancy car and driver" to tote them to available mansions, and private-chef-catered showings.

Celebrities also have different expectations for their dream homes. Hollywood realtors told Variety that electronic gates and securities systems to keep out paparazzi and fans, and home gyms and yoga rooms are "all but mandatory" these days. Also in demand are hair and make-up stations, dressing rooms, office suites for all the assistants, and big parking lots for trophy car collections. Despite all of these VIP trappings, real estate agents tell Variety that sometimes even the most recognizable stars introduce themselves with fake names.

Luckily, all of this care and Champagne is not just reserved for celebrities. "When it comes to real estate, it seems, the privileges of fame are complimentary, although secondary, to those of wealth."

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