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Time to Judge Donald Trump's Old House, Now Asking $54M

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It'll cost $54M to get you living inside of Donald Trump's former stomping grounds, but $0 to take a look inside and imagine him there, sitting by the pool contemplating who should be kicked off of The Apprentice, or what it might be like to be president, or how much he loves elephant abuse. Donald John Trump Sr., nicknamed "The Donald" by his former wife Ivana, purchased the 5.8-acre estate in 1982 for $4M. The pair divorced in 1991, Ivana got the mansion, and in 1998 she sold it for $15M.

The 19,773-square-foot Georgian Colonial features a putting green, tennis courts, three staff apartments, and some extremely well-manicured lawns. Apparently Ivana was refurbishing the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan when the couple moved in, so she used some of the hotel materials and decorated the home with gold leaf and other fancy accessories fit for her Donald.

What do you think of the place? Completely removed from your views on Trump, of course.

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