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Unbelievable Photos of Italian Town Buried in 8 Feet of Snow

The tiny town of Capracotta only sits at 4,662 feet in Southern Italy, but it may have just set a new world record for 24-hour snowfall totals. On March 5, a massive snowstorm hit the 1,400-person village and neighboring towns like Campobasso, Pescocostanzo, Pescopennataro and Vastogirardi. So just how much snow did they get? Capracotta recorded more than eight feet (2.56 meters) of snow in less than 24 hours and saw snow drifts over 10 feet. The storm forced residents to climb out of first-floor windows and use snowshoes and skis to travel around town. Cars were completely buried. Too bad all this snow didn't fall at a ski resort. Mt. Baker (among others!) could have really used it.

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