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Hawaii is the Only State With a Blizzard Warning Right Now

Sorry snow lovers, but while most of North America sits high and dry, the only current blizzard warning in the United States is for the mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's the cherry-on-top of a truly bizarre winter, a winter where Boston had more snow than Tahoe and a small town in Southern Italy (nowhere near the Alps) just broke the record for single-day snowfall. So while it's currently a sunny 48 degrees in Aspen and 50 degrees in Jackson, the Big Island summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea are under a blizzard warning through 6:00 pm Thursday. Meteorologists predict 5-8 inches of snow above 11,500 feet with wind gusts up to 85 mph and temperatures in the mid 20s. We can think of a few dozen ski areas who would be thrilled to have that forecast right now.
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