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Tour the Vivacious Concrete Home of Late Artist Tomie Ohtake

Japanese-born artist Tomie Ohtake arrived in Brazil in 1936 and never left. There, she grew into a celebrated figure in abstract art. Not long before Ohtake passed away last month at the age of 101, Casa Vogue Brazil got a chance to visit her São Paulo home, a brutalist structure designed by her son, architect Ruy Ohtake, in the 1960s. As these photos demonstrate, though the structure itself is formidably monochrome, Ohtake had splendidly infused it with the kind of lively color and geometry seen in her striking paintings and sculptures.

The expansive home, a kind of concrete sculpture in itself, is essentially an 8072-square-foot canvas for exhibiting Ohtake's vibrant work. In the first photo below, for example, the table displays a miniature version of her winding red sculpture by a beach in Santos, Brazil. Standing right alongside built-in concrete beams and shelves is a carefully curated mix of furniture in different colors, shapes, and materials. Of course the dwelling also comes with a studio space, where a large sculptural structure made from metal pipes and glass hangs right under the central skylight. Casa Vogue has the (gorgeous!) full set of photos, this way.

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