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Converted Office in Mexico Keeps All of its Amazing Brick Walls

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Originally used for housing, this historic brick building in Mexico City once also hosted a bakery and brothel and survived an earthquake before it was converted into an office space last year. Unlike some other intrepid office conversions, this project by Mexican firm R-Zero Architects really didn't add or take away much at all. Instead, the designers sought to accentuate the space's hefty history, preserving all of its "scars, marks, and prints" and putting in just a few extra windows, minimal furnishings, and new concrete flooring in the process.

As Dwell highlights, the structure includes three meeting rooms on the ground floor, as well as offices and seating areas marked by simple pieces of furniture. There's a mix of tables and benches crafted by R-Zero and chairs from Herman Miller. All of this of course is surrounded by textures that, as the designers put it, "only time can generate," details like "wasted paint, raw brick, and old vegetation that has overcome some old beams or walls."

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