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Tom Hicks' Palatial Dallas Estate Lists for a Ludicrous $100M

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Businessman and former Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks has put his 25-acre Dallas estate on the market for a special-sounding $100M. The idea, as it was when the four-story mega mansion was privately listed at $135M in 2013, is not to actually get that figure, but to impress some high-net-worth individual with it. Then, you get them to bargain down to a price that, though not $100M, is still objectively way too much for an (admittedly fancy) home in Dallas.

Designed by society architect Maurice Fatio, the 28,996-square-foot main house has plenty of billionaire-worthy features: endless crystal chandeliers, a library paneled with 19th-century Italian walnut, and a tilted mantel from the 1700s, to name a few. Hicks and his wife Cinda purchased the property in 1997, and added on to it significantly with architect/leather-daddy teddy bear Peter Marino, with more than 250 employees working seven days a week to finish the renovations. Now on the grounds, somewhere amongst the large meadow, pond, and "meandering creek," lies a two-story guest house, a "recreation lodge," a staff wing, a family house, an apartment, and a helipad.

It's all very expensive-looking. On to the tour.

The Journal notes that this second most expensive home in Dallas is now this Robert A.M. Stern English Regency thing.