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Inside Anthony Carrino's Bright Jersey City Loft, Now with Shipping-Container Cabana

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Designer, builder, developer, and motorcycle fanatic Anthony Carrino (who also stars, with his cousin John, in HGTV's Cousins Undercover) turned an 1892 telephone switching station in Jersey City into a mixed-use building with two ground floor restaurants and 16 apartments, one of which he lives in. Pictured in the April issue of HGTV Magazine, Carrino's sunny loft space has 19-foot ceilings, original white-painted brick walls, steel beams, and a hanging Fire Orb fireplace.

Carrino installed a shipping container on the roof, which he calls his "indoor/outdoor cabana." Painted blue at an auto body shop, it weighs 4,850 pounds, so a structural engineer actually had to ensure the roof could support it before it was installed. Looks like a good spot to pop some champagne and set up for mimosa brunch with your also-studly cousin. Why not invite the Property Brothers?

Carrino mixed metal and wood for the kitchen, and covered the cabinets and fridge doors with slices from old gondola posts. More photos here, and in the April issue of HGTV Magazine.

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