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Take a Final Walk Through the American Horror Story House, Which is Actually Super Cute Inside

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The spooky L.A. mansion from season one of American Horror Story has finally sold for $3.2M, after many a price cut. Though this troubling market history might lead one to the conclusion that the house is cursed, it's actually a case of hoping for too much after a bit of newfound celebrity. Listed in 2011 for $4.5M, it returned in early 2012 after its starring role, for a not-so-subtle $17M, before dropping back down and eventually settling at less than its original ask. We have to say, it looked pretty drab when we last saw it, but one set of professional photographs later and its time to eat those words. Devour them.

That Tiffany stained-glass! Those Batchelder tiles! We were wrong to doubt you, Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion. Turn up the Stevie Nicks and take one last look below, and keep an eye peeled for the hidden chapel.

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