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After 150 Years, Restrained Shaker Furniture is Trendy Again

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The '60s are back: the 1860s, that is. Veneer- and ornament-free furniture referencing the simple, functional pieces built by 19th-century Shakers has been quietly making the rounds. Designers like Neri & Hu and Moving Mountains have all introduced contemporary pieces inspired by the styles of puritanical craftsmen from days of yore, with restrained rocking chairs, benches, and cabinets that have been made slightly comfier but retain their historic silhouettes.

The Wall Street Journal, announcer of all high-end decor trends, has even weighed in. Below, get acquainted with pacifist Protestant furniture standbys and modern variations on the early minimalist look.

The original style:

Updated Shaker style:

Where to find it:

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